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Yearning for a loooooo(ooooo)ng road trip, this is what we’ve devised:

That’s right, by choice, the plan is to drive 23 hours from Naperville to Marfa, TX, stay 3 days, drive 13 hours to the Grand Canyon, stay a night, drive through Colorado Springs to stay at a hoakey motor inn and play penny arcade games and then head home.  Crazy? Most certainly. But who wants an all inclusive resort or a European vay-cay when you can have beef jerky, iPod playlists, Wendy’s, endless tanks of gas, motels, the desert and the Marfa lights?



Well folks, my dreams of a pony-themed wedding have been dashed by the New York City Parks Department. Note the fine print on my permit here:

Leslie Knope and Li’l Sebastian would most certainly not stand for this.

The best friends that anyone could have!

We have the best friends ever! Look what they’re throwing for us! An engagement party at a fancy bar! Gee thanks, guys!

Practical Ryan Gosling Keeps Me Sane.

Thank you, Ashley Alvarez.

No, I am not this clever. All images via Practical Ryan Gosling.



This is it.

Fred and Carrie have provided all the answers. Planning. Done.

the sweetest little wedding thing

It’s vintage, it’s sweet.

Oh my…

A super lovely wedding from 100 Layer Cake

Wedding Video by Geoff Boothby

The Save the Dates!

 Created on Paperless Post and sent for practically nothing!

A small but not unsubstantial milestone

Cheers to one week of engagementness! Lard you, JP.